GRR after SD failure

I recently had a SD card failure. I forget the light sequence at the time, but as mine was a October 2022 order, I took it as meaning my card was faulty. The original card can’t be mounted on my PC and I’m not able to format it.

I bought a new card (SanDisk 32GB Ultra, this one: and copied over the SD card files from Github. This has resulted in a Green - Red - Red sequence. Next I tried formatting it with the SD Association’s SD Memory Card Formatter and copying the GitHub files back. Still GRR. I’ve reinserted the card several times.

What should I try next?

What was your order number? I’ll send you a new card if you are in USA.

Order number 127688. I’m in Australia. Happy to help with postage if you think it will sort the issue.

Below is what the original SD card looked like. I’m leaning towards a hardware failure of the reader. The device board looks pristine, no evidence of moisture ingress, but that looks like corrosion on the SD card.

Any other suggestions? Should I try partitioning the SD card before formatting with SD Association Memory Card formatter? Otherwise, can I apply for an RMA for a replacement?