GRRG LED Sequence, Tried a 2nd SD card, no USB comms

I have tried a number of things that I have seen on this forum. But I continue to get the Green-Red-Red-Green sequence along with the Not found: GET, URI: / in the browser (PC, Linux FF, Moto phone).

several different USB supplies
an “industrial” Panasonic micro SD card with the downloaded file
different WiFi APs (using the best signal as seen by the iotawatt)
with and without a 9VAC VT source.

When I pull the SD card after the VT connection, I don’t see any log files. My Windows 10 machine doesn’t recognize the iotawatt over USB, is that supposed to work?

I am kind of stumped at this point and open to suggestions.


Can you provide a chronology please? Is this a continuation of a prior issue or are you saying that you got G-R-R-G right out of the box brand new? If so, how did you connect to get the “Not found”?

For anyone else reading this, please, please, please report the initial problem before opening the thing up and trying everything you can imagine.

This is “out of the box”, brand new. The exact same scenario prior to reformatting SD and trying another one.

I used the IP addressed as found by Angry IP scanner and confirmed by my Unifi USG. I can also ping the address via my Linux box.

I also tried spraying the SD card socket with CRC contact cleaner.

Should the USB connection to a PC be recognized as a port by the Windows machine?

If you got GRRG when you first powered up the IoTaWatt, then you should return it for service or replacement. That does not happen. You should have gotten RGG. What was your order number?

I think that I am OK now. I was using the latest SD card contents from the git, instead of the one for Firmware version 02_07_05. I was able to see a directory containing “iotamsgs.txt” on the Pana SD card, but not the supplied one. I downloaded the correct SD contents for the 02_07_07 FW.

Same result, but I decided to try a better power supply, one of my Raspberry Pi CanaKit units.

I now have a steady green LED and can access the status on the Android phone, Linux box and Win box.

My Order number is 126805, but now that I have it working, I am going to stick with this unit. I have my 230V VT on order so I can use it on a subpanel without a Neutral connection. (HVAC only)

Thanks, I’ll keep monitoring it with my temporary setup.


SD initialized.
Real Time Clock not running.
Reset reason: External System
Trace: 216:125[238], 191:10[72], 194:251[46], 8:87[148], 184:175[57], 186:124[225], 43:63[246], 185:130[167], 135:54[186], 129:16[16], 112:90[208], 69:92[231], 142:176[86], 75:26[1], 10:146[83], 173:238[5], 122:225[181], 36:10[29], 124:225[62], 17:130[224], 2:79[24], 108:69[97], 117:240[251], 46:20[97], 168:103[31], 225:16[229], 93:13[177], 92:50[82], 63:20[134], 234:70[237], 1:191[170], 160:233[93]
ESP8266 ID: 15892855, RTC PCF8523 (68)
IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_07_05

There is no 02_07_07. You have 02_07_05. The problem was not incorrect SDcard contents. Most likely the problem was the USB power supply. It’s a disturbing trend. Folks are ordering without USB supply or AC adapter and using phone-chargers etc as power supplies. Many of the apparent SDcard issues are caused by power quality problems. A good USB power supply is inexpensive and delivers quality power. Phone-chargers deliver a lot of power at poor quality. IoTaWatt can run fine on 600mA. The standard supply is1A.

Given that the unit was flashed, there would be an /IoTaWatt/iotamsgs.txt file. The manufacturing procedure insures the RGG is achieved and the message log must be successfully created to do that.

So again folks, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Report problems. Most of the time the problem is not internal, so don’t open it up unless advised to do so. More problems are created than are resolved.

Message received and noted. (the 02_07_07 was just my fumble fingering…)