Having an Electrician install, what to monitor

Hello, I’m having an electrcian do some work on my house tomorrow. I’m having them add an outlet by my breaker box to use the IotaWatt. I have 8 50A and 2 200A to hook up. I’ve got a picture of my breaker and was curious what you thought would be ideal to monitor.

Looking for any tips or anything I should mention to the electrician.
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You monitor something either for information or to change behaviour (reduce cost).

Allocate the CTs accordingly, if you run short or space is too tight of those CTs allocated to behaviour fit them where the will give the greatest return.

For the circuits you want just for info, allocate in priority of fun.

The iotawatt status page has the inputs (CTs) are sorted/reported by the port number. The outputs are sorted alphabetically.

In planning your connections that might be important. I have a 3 phase system and on the inputs L3 is above L1 while on the outputs it is below which upsets my sense of order. Easy to change but it would take a while to sort out the output calculations and I might get some incorrect readings in the process.

Sounds like you have standard (for the USA) split-phase service (assuming this is a house and not an apartment in a large complex, which might be 2 of 3 phase service).

As @philrob said, figure out what you want to learn. You panel does not appear to be well marked as to what the circuits do. You have four large loads. 11/13 Range, 17/19 (unmarked), 22/24, and 28/30 (unmarked). The unmarked are either, AC, Dryer, Water Heater, Pump. I would definitely put on a water heater as there are things you can do to change your usage and/or learn just how much it costs to heat water. You probably don’t use a range enough to make it worthwhile to measure separately, but maybe. You can learn the usage of them, by looking at the main breaker readings, since the usage will be noticeable. If you have AC, that would be good to measure.

But, it really comes back to why did you buy the IotaWatt in the first place, i.e. what did you hope to learn/change?