Help a Newbie! Login Prompt Keeps Popping Up - resolved

Whenever I try to access the Graph+ or the Original Graph I keep getting the login prompt and no matter how many times I enter the correct credentials it keeps popping up. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!!

What version are you running?

Firmware Version: 02_05_02

That is fixed in release 02_05_03 which is making it’s way into general release. Right now it’s auto-update class ALPHA and BETA.

In the short term, you can set auto-update to BETA to get that release and then switch back to your current level in a month or so when it is in general release.

Or if you have a user password set, you can try using just the admin password and removing the user password.

The password enhancements in 02_05_03 are substantial and support both the admin and user as designed.

Thanks! That fixed it. Appreciate your help!