Help! Power Channel shows in status but is Zero in Log, graphs and export - resolved

The title says it all really. I have a Channel that shows the correct value in the status, but uploads zero.
When I check the Log API it’s zero and when I look at the graph its zero.

The Channel is EPS2
Any ideas?

Don’t know what you mean by “Log API” and would like to see the graph. This configuration does have other oddities. Is your service three-phase?

Hi, I’d made a mess off attaching the jpeg that shows the graph, fixed now so you can see the graph.

to answer your questions.

  1. its a single phase install. its been in operation for a number of years. long enough for it to stop twice due to full logs.
  2. by Log API I mean the Query API which queries the historical log files.
    When I request both “EPS1” and “EPS2” I get a CSV with data for the former and zeros for “EPS2”.

70.4, 0
70.7, 0
70.6, 0
70.7, 0
70.6, 0
70.3, 0
123.3, 0
159.4, 0
160.1, 0
278.5, 0
223.6, 0
163, 0
164.9, 0
170.4, 0
171.7, 0
171.2, 0
167.8, 0
163, 0
158.1, 0
85.1, 0
74, 0
74.4, 0
75.6, 0
75.5, 0

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Got it.

Like to know more about that. The logs don’t fill up, they wrap around when they reach capacity and overwrite the oldest entries. So I’m thinking that this may be related to the current issue.

The bad news is that this looks like corruption of the log files. If you have an unused input, you can prove it out by reconfiguring that CT to a different input to see if it comes back to life. I’m pretty sure it would.

It would be useful to learn what caused this. I’d like to see when the corruption occurred, and also see if there’s anything in the message log at that time. To see when it occurred, you could run a query (Graph+ would be best for this) to view EPS2 for the past year. The graph should start out OK and then go to zero at some point. Use your cursor to select the area where it drops and zoom in. You should be able to zoom to within 5 seconds of the point of failure. If you could post that graph along with a corresponding area of the message log it might shed some light.

Ultimately, you will need to delete both the current log and history log simultaneously to eradicate the problem. The following URL will do that:

Your system will restart and create new logs.

I mentioned other oddities in your status post. I’m assuming “Imp_export” is your main. PF of .09 is very unusual, and I can’t understand how it could be -86 Watts when the solar is 170 Watts and the loads are much more than that. Also, solar inverters almost always output with a PF of near or at 1.00. So I’m curious what else is going on here, although probably unrelated to the datalog damage.

Thanks for the help.

  1. I moved the CT to a different channel and it is now saving the data as well as displaying.
  2. I tried to narrow down when it went wrong, but I just got errors in the web interface when I got close so could only narrow down to a span of a couple of hours.
  3. I couldn’t download the message log file as it seemed to stop around 26Mb.

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