Help troubleshoot why value is halved?

Hi, I’m experiencing a weird problem where the kW reported by my electric heat kit is half of what it should be.

Here are my inputs:

And my outputs:

Below is a recent event that clued me into the problem:

I doubled checked that everything is connected to the correct input and that I had the make & model right for the CTs and everything is correct. I have both phases going through one CT with one of the wires looped through opposite from the other just like all my other 240v CTs which read correctly but this one somehow only reads half the value. Could this be a problem with the CT?

Offhand it looks like either input_11 is either a 100A CT or you only have one wire passing through it. It doesn’t look like a bad CT. They either don’t work at all or give give slightly lower readings but this is too steady and too close to exactly half to be a failure.

I swapped out the CT for a new AcuCT-H063-100 and now it seems to be reading correctly.