Help wanted, uploader sending some zero values

Hi, I’ve been using iota watt for 12 years. I have 2 on my network. uploading data to emoncms installed on a raspberry pi.

I’ve had to rebuild the SD card a couple of times over this period as the system had a couple of random stop processing over this time. and I’ve updated the raspberry pi a couple of times to newer hardware.

My current issue is;

  1. The status page shows values of the CT leads.
  2. I have 3 of the 12 values being sent, sent as zero.
    the 3 values being set as zero are: house_main, garage, eps2.

I’ve used wireshark to confirm that the iotawatt is actually sending the data as 0.
can someone help me diagnose further?

further diagnosis shows that the graphing on the iota watt is also showing zero for these items.

Kind regards


This sounds like a datalog problem. You report that you have had SDcard issues in the past, and while Its not possible that you have had an IoTaWatt for 12 years, there were issues in the early years that can cause problems like this.

Given that you have your history on emoncms, I would recommend deleting both datalogs. They are protected files, so you would use the following command to delete the logs:


Alternatively if you want to be super cautious moving forward, get a new SDcard, copy the root files from the old card but do not copy the /iotawatt directory which contains the message log and both datalogs. IoTaWatt will create new ones on startup.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. certainly I’ve been running emonCMS since 2012. I can’t find when I got my first iotawatt… but seeing as you have corrected me, I do recall I may have started current monitoring with an Emon rf product.

I have replaced the SD card a couple of years ago… deleting the catalog files fixed it.
Thanks for the help. everything is back up and running.

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