History upload issue with EmonCMS

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sorry for my introducing…i just feel to write my problem.
please, change the topic with new one if need.


hello BOB,

please, can you help me to understood better what is happening ?

due to some trouble , i need to restart every week my emoncms RASPI - is a emoncms problem…
now, my IOTAWATT need to re feed emoncms with data; at this point is returning at very beginning time , at the time that i first power up and configure it, on 2018 ! i tray to put time reference for example this month, from first day ,and nothing change.
second problem, i have more than 28 hours continuously from the restart of emoncms and data transferred between emoncms and IOTAWATT is just less than a half. previously, all those data was synchronize in less than 10 hours.
today, my IOTAWATT is running 02_04_00 firmware; it something related to the firmware ?


It sound like the EmonCMS inputs were deleted. When IoTaWatt starts the EmonCMS service, it queries EmonCMS for the date/time of the last input that was sent to the node. It then begins uploading from there to bring EmonCMS up to date. This can happen even there are more recent feeds. It’s how EmonCMS works.

To avoid this becoming an extreme problem, you can set the “upload history from” date in your IoTaWatt EmonCMS service setup to a recent date you know has been uploaded. Then IoTaWatt will nottryto upload history from the beginning of time.

thank you Bob !

i was trying already what you propose to me - same result, is begin to synchronize from very beginning.
i will wait to finalize synchronizing; what is very good, is the fact that IOTAWAT is continuing to monitorize my signals - for the moment i can have all graf that i need for present signals.
as soon as will finished synchronizing, i will check what i can do more and keep you informed.