Hitting Roadblock on Correct Other Usage Calculation

I have been over the documentation a few times, and I’m a long term user of this wonderful product that just continues to product data.

So, I have been struggling with getting a correct “Other” energy (non CT monitored circuits) number when trying to work though the inputs. Let me provide some background on my setup and maybe someone can help point me with my error.

I have exported my data for the last week (20 min. samples) and 3-days (5 min. samples) and imported this into Excel to try a few mathematical expressions that would get me to a closer number.

My setup consists of the following:

  • Mains_1, Mains_2 along with Solar_1 and Solar_2 (self explanatory)
  • I also have a home solar battery (Battery_1, Battery_2)

Along with these Inputs I have the below outputs

  • Barn (sub panel)
  • Garage (sub panel)
  • Well Pump
  • Electric Range
  • Electric Dryer
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • AC Unit

My calculation struggle seems to be with the solar total and the time of day when the battery can be either a charge (export to the battery) or discharge (import from the battery).

I have tried the simple formula of:
(Mains1+Mains2)+(solar1+solar2)+(battery1+battery2) - (barn+garage+well+…)

I have also tried a more complex one that I would would fix the perceived battery problem by doing the following:

In the above, I wanted to try to fist add up the Solar legs and the Battery, then add to this the mains and that would then subtract the other inputs. But I still get a very high number.

Again, I may be over thinking this along with the options of the MIN/MAX functions. I would think that when the battery is charging from the excess solar I would see that in the solar positive amount + the negative battery (excess flowing to battery until it is full) and then to grid for even more excess.

I again am struggling with the correct formula to compute the inputs (solar, mains, battery) and potential exports (battery and mains) to get the right “Other”. Once the battery is fully charged, the consumption seems to level out, so I assume it has something to do with my understanding the battery details.

Other solve this who have a battery, solar, and mains working correctly?

I may have it solved, and will check back in a few days of testing. Thanks for letting me get this out as I think it helped me work though it some.

I’d need a line drawing to be more specific, but your mains and battery charge/discharge are probably not monotonically increasing i.e. they are probably switching between positive and negative and so going up and down. It is possible that you need to use one or more integrators to accurately track KWh.