Home Assistant Configuration with Battery


Currently i use Node Red with the Rest/query interface to automate all of my home stuff - but as i am useless as Interface design - my dashboard looks like crap.

I have decided to have another plunge into HA now that they have fancy energy dashboard and have a couple of questions

My setup is as follows - in Australia 3 phase

Main meter board - this is where the Grid enters the premises and where the Solar and Battery are also connected - i have a single IOTAWATT in here and this is what i will be focusing on for the sake of this exercise

Switchboard - this houses all my circuits in the house and is where all the load for the house derives from

In the main meter board - i have a single Voltage reference (using the Jaycar suggested unit ) - this is monitoring my red phase (L1) and deriving the voltage for the other two phases (all 3 phases are within 3 volts of each other the majority of the time)

In this same meterboard i have deployed the following CTs


These are monitoring the 3 incoming grid lines - which can be either + or - depending on the amount of solar/battery and the load


This is always positive and reflects all the energy that is flowing into the house circuits regardless of the source (Solar, Battery or Grid)


Theoretically always positive - except overnight when the inverters draw a small amount of power in standby mode


Can be iether + or - depending on whether i am charging or discharging the batteries

Now i have followed most of the threads on here and on the HA forums about this and am up in the air about whether i should use the Standard Integration, the Custom integration (i believe @gregtd wrote this but it appears to be no longer maintained) or the Rest Sensors

Do you have opinions on the best way to go with this ?

I assume regardless of the method i will have to adjust my outputs through integrators on the IOTAWATT so ensure i have both a + and - flow to my batteries



Note also for further explanation

The battery feed is after the Grid CT clamps and is not on the subboard so does not show in the Consumption CTs at all (unless it is feeding power to supply the load on the house). When the battery is charging it shows as -ve i.e. feeding into the battery and when discharging as +ve when feeding to the grid and/or the Consumption circuits.

The Solar CTs are on the Solar cables and are independent of the Grid and Consumption - they are downstream from the Grid CTs and can feed back power to the Consumption CTs


I think I get it but not completely sure. Can you make a line drawing please? Just one phase will be fine as it looks like they are all the same. Also, can you post your inputs setup, outputs setup and any integrators that you have please?

Yep wil put something together overnight and put it up here