Home Assistant Energy - Return to grid not working

Ok so i think ive made that changes ok in IoTaWatt:

And HASS config yaml (although question - the hass docs specify iotawatt: keyword, shaded, let me know if thats a drama)

But might be coming unstuck on the energy dash config. Heres how i have it now (a guess).


…. But a bit confused by the other entities that were created by the yaml and if you wanted me to pick them instead

Thanks let me know how im doing!

I think you’re close. The Energy configuration uses the outputs of the Riemann sum integrations that you created in the YAML file, so Grid consumption should be import_wh_calculated and Return to grid should be export_wh_calculated.

Ok awesome- i just flipped them. Ready for a clean run tomorrow on these settings. Will screenshot the dashboard tomorrow after we start getting solar in.

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Just one more thing. I don’t know if Hass sensor names are case-sensitive, your YAML integrations are all lower case source: names. The outputs from IoTaWatt have some upper case. Might be prudent to make those the same.

It works! (i am now seeing my below 0 vales plotting as purple, and increasing numbers going back to the grid).

As for the lowercase thing, yeah no dramas there, HASS normalises all entities to lowercase names, so my source: is fine.

And while we are at it, heres the value of the export_wh_caculated you had me define in the YAML:
20210909_17-35-22_Developer Tools - Home Assistant

im a bit confused about why we need YAML config for 2 out of my 3 IoTaWatt outputs (we are missing the ‘Consumption’ one… actually checking my HASS config i dont believe ii even reference this anywhere? do i even need that output?)

Now that i know this works, ill go through and rename stuff to make it a bit more user-friendly to me :slight_smile: (so i can remember what the hell we did here a year down the track).

thank you so much again! You have done your small part for the environment today my friend :slight_smile: