Home Assistant Integration (Which One?)


Just noticed there’s reference to a HACS / GitHub integration to Home Assistant / IoTaWatt, as opposed to the support/integration for IoTaWatt that comes inbuilt into HA.

Would anyone know, have the issues with the ‘HA inbuilt’ integration been sorted out, or should we instead be using the HACS / GitHub integration?


I’m using the built-in integration for quite some time now and basically ‘feeding’ the energy part of HA.

The view below is basically iotawatt to HA, with only the carbon feed coming from another API.

I recall it took me a while to get the export numbers correct for HA as it calculates things differently from how I was doing it in my locally hosted emoncms instance.

Anything specific you want to know about?

In case anyone is scratching their head about “solar” being at night, I’m running a hybrid inverter (Sungrow SH10RT) with a DC battery, so as far as Iotawatt and thus HA knows, it’s just energy coming from the solar system.

I’m looking into the sungrow API but haven’t had time yet to really figure that out, so I can get direct battery metrics into HA… or anywhere else, for that matter. Sungrow hasn’t been the best for being open with their API or anything else - they want you in their cloud app.