Home Assistant side bar integration

I scanned through the forum and didn’t see this discussed.

I have Iotawatt sending data to influxDB and Home Assistant which is great for monitoring trends over time. But neither gives me that near instant read-out the simple IotaWatt Power Monitor status screen gives me.

Home Assistant offers an easy way to add a webpage to the HA UI. Using an iframe panel. The user guide for HA iframes is here - https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/panel_iframe/ .

Adding this to my configuration.yaml file did the trick -

    title: "IotaWatt"
    url: "https://<url of your iotawatt page>"
    icon: mdi:home-lightning-bolt-outline

If you have your HA running through a HTTPS then you’ll have to do the same with your iotawatt page to make it work. But the results are exactly what I wanted - especially since the iotawatt panel is so minimal - it fits right in.