Homebrew IoTaWatt

Hi all.

@overeasy, Bob, I hope you don’t mind I ask here about how to build my own homebrew IoTaWatt hardware on the cheap.

I run an Arduino with the EmonTX Shield at home since 2014 and it’s working great. I always wanted to increase the number of monitored circuits but it was very complex and expensive, adding some more EmonTX. I follow your work in IoTaWatt since you started it at openenergymonitor and I could say only one thing: “What a great project!

I started collecting bits and pieces to build my own homebrew IoTaWatt about one year ago but always had the PCB as stopper (I want it as a permanent solution so want to avoid the breadboard route).

I never ordered PCBs at the cheap Chinese manufacturers so I’m afraid of ordering the IoTaWatt PCB (converting the files and going trough the checking and ordering process) so I ask here:

Anyone has an spare PCB (or two) to sell me? (Or can provide me with the files ready to order at some cheap Chinese PCB manufacturer?)

Thank you!


Hi Mario,
Thanks for the kind words about IoTaWatt. The project is open hardware, and the Eagle files for the PCB and schematic are in the hardware folder of the github site. All you need do is load them into Eagle (I think it complies with the free version) and produce the gerbers with the CAM processor. There are tutorials on youtube.

Although the production boards are made by a USA subcontractor of my contract manufacturer, all of the prototypes and the first generation production boards were made by PCBway in China. I highly recommend them for quality, cost and service. A run of ten boards costs about $30US and it takes about two days. Reasonable DHL shipping is also available. I recommend getting an SMD stencil, but that may strain your budget.

Good luck.