How do I create a cost output?

Hi guys,

Now that I’ve got my Iotawatt installed, I’d like to configure an output to know how much $ a circuit is using or has used. Is it possible with the out of the box software, or do I need to start using EmonCMS or Influx/Grafana?

I checked the documentation at, and also found another forum thread reference to a WH output here - Watt Hours to Influx

“you can see the kWh for any power (Watts) output by selecting it within the Energy tab.”

How can I multiply the energy by our delivered rate of $.22/kWh?


IoTaWatt is primarily a data collection device. It can upload that data to several good reporting tools that you mention, but does not pretend to be such a reporting tool itself. You should be looking at an external package if you want to integrate your energy data into a tariff structure to produce cost data. For whole house and solar you can use PVoutput which is simple and free.