How much an issue to install CT before base unit?

So I was about to order a base unit and CTs however noticed the delay on base units. Wondering if I could order the CTs and install them without the base unit. The CTs are really the hard part to install. A few questions.

  1. The CTs sold on the IotaWatt site, do they all have built in burden resistors?
  2. If they have burden resistors, can I install them in the panel and route them out of the panel with some electrical tape on the phono plug to insulate them and stored inside the panel box I have for the base unit while I wait for the base unit?
  3. For 20A 110V branche circuits any reason I should get a CT smaller then the 50A offered?


No, the burden resistors are in the IoTaWatt. However they have TVS diodes (Transient Voltage Suppression) which limit the voltage produced to around 7 volts and protect the CT while disconnected.

You can install them, but I’m a belt-and-suspenders kind of person and so would recommend that rather than wrap electrical tape around them, you wrap aluminum foil. Electrical tape would gum up the connector anyway.

Functionally no.

All that should be moot as I recommend you wait to order a bundle when the base units come available soon. My best estimate is posted on the stuff website.

Okay I will wait based on the recommendations.