How To Backup Complete Setup/Configuration?

I am trying to back up to external computer all the setup/configuration I did for my IoTaWatt. In the “SD Editor” I see the config.txt file and can backup that contents easily. I also see under esp_spiffs/config/device the burden.txt file for any changes to the burden resistor settings.

However, I don’t see where the outputs I have created are stored. I would have thought they would be in the config.txt file but I don’t see any of my defined output files there.

So, where/what file to back up to get the output settings and/or what is the list of things to back up to get the complete configuration/setup?


PS I know I could power down the IoTaWatt, remove the SD card, and back that whole card up to get everything including the logged data. But, I was looking to do this backup without powering the IoTaWatt down nor having the physically access it at the power panel.

All of the configuration is contained in the config.txt file. It is Json, and there is an object called “outputs” that is a Json array of Json objects that define each output. Here is an excerpt of a config file showing the outputs:


There are four outputs: amps_main1; amps_main2; misc; total_power;

The burden file in the spiffs should be the same as the burden specification in your config, but no harm, in making a copy. Understand that the SPIFFS is a separate file system contained in the ESP8266 and not affiliated with the SD card.

So all you need to backup for the configuration is the config.txt.

The upcoming release will automatically maintain a backup copy of the last validated config.txt file in the SPIFFS. Moreover, if there is a problem with the config file on startup, it will not halt. The web server will start and you can run the file manager to repair the config.txt, restore the backup copy in the SPIFFS, or upload and edit a new one.

So relief is on the way.


Yes, you are 100% right. There is an outputs section in the config.txt file. I did look over that file and I could have sworn I looked carefully enough to find it if it was there. Obviously I did not look carefully enough. Sorry to bother you with what turns out to be a silly question.

The updated handling of the config.txt file you mention sounds good. Thanks for continuing to improve IoTaWatt.