How to get the maximum demand in 15 minute interval from IoTaWatt?

I am checking the IoTaWatt documentation for finding how to obtain the maximum demand in 15 min interval. It seems the device does not provide such parameter so does the emoncms software. Is there a simple way to obtain this parameter from device by changing the firmware?
I also need to know the individual positive and negative energy of a channel. It seems for every channel the iotawatt can only measure the difference of the positive and negative energy or absolute value while it cannot measure each energy separately.

The next release will have a way to track the positive and negative components of a limited number of functions. Probably three.

Min/max is much more difficult. The only way is to query the detail with an external program. Probably the best method would be to upload the data to influcDB which has min/max functions as well as the ability to integrate the positive and negative