How to measure a 3-phase circuits with only one remaining inputs?


I’m two inputs short to properly monitor a new 3-phase pool with three sensors.

I was wondering if there was any tricks that could be used to be able to monitor a 3-phase circuit with just one input on the IoTaWatt

As I understand, even if the phase aren’t right, the CT will always measure the current accurately if I understand a post I read here a while ago.

So could I for example, have all three phases going through a single CT to get the total amps ; after that I could set an output simply multiplying by the reference voltage or something?

I don’t need anything super accurate here.

I would prefer that to having to buy a 2nd iotawatt and two extra CT and manage a way to combine the data.

One of the 3-phase circuit is for a Tesla charger. All phases are typically balanced and showing the same value except at idle where the first phase shows a continuous 3W use and the two others 0

I was thinking that I could free two sensors that way.

On they mentions that you could use a single sensor if all three phases were balanced.

Is this just a matter of running all wires through the same sensors?

That will not work.

He is probably saying that if all three phases are about the same you can get a reasonable approximation by measuring one and multiplying by three.

You mentioned once that the amp would be reading properly event if the phase wasn’t set right.

If all three phases runs in the same sensor. What read will show?
Can anything be deducted with more accuracy than multiplying by 3 a single phase?