Hoymiles microinverter

This isn’t a support request for my IotaWatt (which is fab), but a community request to owners of the Hoymiles microinverters. My MI-600 appears to stop generating smooth power below about 150W, and I’m curious if other owners of a MI-600 and an IotaWatt are seeing a similar issue. I have connected the microinverter to a commercial power meter and it must have more damping than IotaWatt as the power reading is steady. However, Var jumps around when IotaWatt Var does. I suspect it’s just my microinverter not liking the grid it’s plugged into, being at the end of a leg in rural village.
In the graph you can see it wobbles a little around 1720 and recovers, then starts again around 1745 until it shuts down. It does something similar at the start of the day. On cloudy days it barely produces smooth power. Power factor and Var wobble at the same points.