Hz not graphing or uploading correctly - release 02_07_04

IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_07_04
Noted this alpha release has done some damage to the Hz measurement to the tune of reading negative 268Mhz! Noticed it in output to influx, then found that it was indeed reading this at the internal graph+ as well but showed 60hz in the statistics. Reboots did not make any difference. Power measurement seems accurate. However reverting back to Minor, the history graphs now render the correct 60hz history throughout the time since update.

Do you have multiple VTs?

Only a single 120v VT of a recommended model in the top input, single phase application.
TDC DA-10-09-E6
Has been in operation for about a year, only going to most recent alpha skews Hz reading.

Can confirm normal operation in Minor release

This was a bug in the scripting system. It is fixed in the development system and will be in the next release.

The actual Hz data is being logged correctly in the IoTaWatt. The problem is only with extracting the values from the datalog.

On the bright side, at least in the US, there is probably no more useless statistic than Hz.

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Lol, just checked mine: -1.1Ghz…

Good to see its been solved for future releases.

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