I Need help with Grafana and emoncms - expecting to pay for services

I’m a total novice with setting up influxDB and Grafana and hoped that we may find someone in the community that’s interested in developing that for us for a going rate fee. I could also do with some basic help in setting up Emoncms. Please PM James if that is something that is of interest. We also have more complex and challenging work associated with the data if that’s up your cup of tea, but not necessary. Thanks for reading. If anyone has any tips that would be most appreciated too. Cheers, James

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It is not a difficult task. I recommend starting using Docker, specifically docker-compose. There are lots of docker images that combine Influxdb and Grafana that should do the task. If you want to get deeper with Influx, Telegraf, Chronograf and perhaps alert coordination with Alerta, I would look at the docker images created by the developers of those products. I use that image all the time as a test platform.

If this is still pretty daunting and you want professional help, PM me and we can talk. I think you’ll find it isn’t that difficult. After all, I figured it out and I’m no genius…just as my wife.

I second the post above, and would defintiely recommend rolling out docker contaners onto either a small virtual machine (like a NUC) (depending on your other Home AUtomation goals) or a Raspberry Pi

I am happy to help/consult if you require it and find it too daunting.

Where are you based ?

PM me if you need