I'm able to pick up some but not all circuits (sub-panel)

I have a triplex with three suites, each wired to it’s own sub-panel. Monitoring the mains with IW at the main panel isn’t a problem. However, most loads are not registering on one of the suite sub-panels. Regarding that suite, I could only find a single 15a outlet that would register a load when I turned on a hair dryer. The only other load that registered was the 240v range. All loads register at the main panel. Could this possibly be explained by a simple issue relating to IW? Because now I’m wondering if the sub-panels weren’t wired properly by the electrician.

If I understand what you are saying, you have one IoTaWatt at the main panel, and it has CTs on the mains. You also have CTs on three sub-panel feeds. On one of the sub-panel feeds, some of the loads do not show up in the sub-panel feed but do show up on the main panel mains.

Is that correct?

Exactly. The three sub-panels are monitored at the main panel, i.e., the two hot conductors connected to the breaker that power each of the sub-panels.

So can you plot the two mains and the two sub-panel feeds when one of these invisible loads is activated and post the plot?

Is this what you had in mind? You’ll see I tried two attempts on 120 lines, then quickly switched to 240 to see if it made a difference (it did). The part I find particularly odd is that I plugged into outlets that are completely new and aren’t connected to original wiring in any way but even they didn’t register. And the one 120 plug that did respond is from original construction - so I can’t be certain that it’s not sharing wiring with other circuits or panels based on how the building was originally wired. Finally, it may be relevant to note that I tested all the suite’s outlets with the circuits it used to rely on turned off, to make sure it was only drawing from the new panel. Everything outlet was on. Is it possible that the circuit is being supplied power from the sub-panel, but the electricity is somehow carried by the neutral back to the main panel not the sub-panel? Fingers crossed this is a minor issue with the IO setup…

Thanks for your input.

It looks to me like UPR2 isn’t working. That’s half of your feed to the panel. If you set the bottom section of the graph to the “statistics” tab, i think it will show zero min & max. So the CT may be defective, or more likely just on the wrong wire or not plugged all the way into the IoTaWatt.

Ok, thanks so much for the prompt advice. I’ll let you know what I find out.