I'm an idiot (was Bit disappointed)

I placed an order Sunday, with 2 day shipping. Having received the email on Sunday that my order was on the way, I expected USPS to get the box Monday and have it here in a world record 2 days.

Nothing in the mail box today, I check on the order and it didn’t get to USPS until 3:30 PM on Tuesday afternoon. The 2 day priority timer hasn’t even started. If the shipping was free, I could understand being at the bottom of the internal processing queue.

I’m subsidizing your east of the river customers and well, I’d like to express my modest disappointment.

I suppose amarobzon has raised my expectations too high.

Things I guess. I hope your family is well Bob.

Take care,

Monday was a USPS holiday.

I need a gubmunt job to keep up with the 40 holidays per year.
Feel free to delete this post as I’m not permitted.
And to correct my original post, 2 day shipping is no longer 2 day ship from USPS.