Incorrect reading for Fujitsu AC

Ive got a Fujitsu split system AC (dont hajve the model number to hand, sorry) and it always reads as 100w at rest. There is no way its pulling 100w, as the number actually does DOWN when it turns on, and the PF goes up.


It hasnt been on at all today

Its been like it for a while now, but ive never gotten around to doing anything about it!
Adding up all my individual circuit CTs and compairing to the CT on the mains amounts to about an 80W ish difference, most of which I attribute to the CT on the aircon.

Is there anything i can do to adjust the numbers?

Can you show the input setup, an a plot where it goes down at startup using Graph+ please? Sounds like there is something else going on.

It looks like the data for the day i was looking at is a bit of an anomoly.
I just turned it on and watcehd what happens. The PF starts approaching 0 as the AC starts powering on, and then the fan kicks in and it jumps up to what i would expect during usage – 100’s of Ws

I did a bit of “google research” and this seems like a not uncommon problem with this specific aircon vendor. Something about motor electrical resistance at rest, but the electrical theory behind it confused me a I might have that wrong.

Apologies, starts approaching 1, not 0.
It sits at around 0.8 when the AC is not running