Increasing InfluxDB post frequency

Curious on how to increase the update frequency to Influx from 5 seconds to around 1. Looking through the source, I noticed a number of checks comparing timeNow() to the polling interval and had decreased the interval to 1 in the config file on SD without much luck. What am I missing and can the ESP8266 handle the update frequency? Going for a real-time thing here :slight_smile:

Depending on the configuration, IoTaWatt samples each channel from about 2 to 15 times per second (50Hz). The biggest problem with getting 1 second resolution data is that the process of extracting it has an impact on the rate of sampling. So you reach a point of diminishing return.

Some folks are using the status API to get more frequent measurements, but those are damped and not precisely timestamped.

This is not anything that I consider the primary utility of IoTaWatt. My considered opinion is that 5 second resolution is the best match for the overall functionality provided and to serve the basic mission of providing usage measurement. Folks are free to embellish.