InflusDB feature request


A small feature request for the InfluxDB integration: when “upload history from” is configured, it would be nice if the iotawatt was checking the last uploaded measurement on a per-measurement basis.

The use case: I have say 5 measurements configured and upload history from: 01/10/10.
I realize there is one more measurement I need, I can add it to the server config but its historical values won’t be uploaded.
The workarounds are error-prone (use temporary configs to force the upload, or use different influx DBs and move data in Influx).


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The check is currently on a per measurement basis but the IoTaWatt starts from the most recent as opposed to the oldest as you are looking for.

There are perhaps some unintended consequences of what you are asking for. The way the service works, no recent measurements would be uploaded until the oldest catches up with the others. You may not see this asan issue in your case, but consider if a new measurement is uploading a years worth of 5 second data. The pause could be very long.

Another approach would be to have a separate service that could be started, explicitly or implicitly, to do the backfill.

Either way, it requires quite a bit of change. You have a good understanding of several possible alternatives. Another is to add a new key to your measurements, or change an existing key value, which would force a reload of all. After it’s done, you can drop the older series.

I’ll keep this issue in mind going forward. Thanks.