Influxdb 1. - Setup uploader

I am messing up with Influx uploader!
I have tried in many ways but there is probably something I am not understanding .
I would like to post in the same measurement “Home” the current of all 3 phases I am measuring.
This is the how I set it up:

but the outcome is not what I expect:

I did try in many other ways but I am failing. Why I do expect to see in Influx is something like this:

I would really appreciate some help to set the fields tags and keys to obtain the above result.
Thank you

You are uploading three identical measurements. Different values, but the same measurement name, tags and field. So the second overides the first and the third overides that.

The uploader can be configured in several ways. What do you want to see in influx?

Three different measurements?
One measurement with three different values?
Three entries with the same measurement name, one value and different keys?

All are possible. Depends how you want to organize your database.

thanks for supporting.
I would like to post all 3 current values (3 phase) to the same measurement (table). As per excel table at the bottom of my post.

You are showing an excel table. IoTaWatt uploads to influx. What kind of measurements do you want to see in influx? Any of the three schema that I showed above would produce discrete values that could be imported to excel.

I don’t want to import the values in excel. That was just a simple example about what I would like to obtain. I need them in Influx and all of them in the same measurement.
So, let say I have a measurement in Influx named “home”. I would like all the measured currents (3 phase from Iotwatt) to be in the same measurement.
Just to give you an example, if you look at the screenshot here below, I have all values measured on a battery bank from another system/device in the same measurement named 110.
I need exactly the same for all measurement from Iotwatt (all of them in the same measurement) but I am battling to understand the interface because I am not use to it.

Set measurement to HOME
Set field_key to $name
set the Tag to iota = $device

change the names of the three measurements to Main_S, Main_T and Main_R respectively.

I try to adhere to “teach a person to fish” philosophy. It’s not the uploader that you don’t understand, it’s influx. You would do well to become more familiar with the elements of each entry - measurement name, tags and field values - as the IoTaWatt uploader should be easy to understand with a working knowledge of those elements.

Thanks for guiding me to solve the problem.
As you correctly said, each system has a philosophy.
However thanks.

There are different ways to hold it, depending on what you want to achieve.

I use this:
tag set:
device: $device
channel: $name

Watts =
Amps =
Volts =

This allows me to select multiple channels in a single graph (in Grafana) easily.

So, Bob’s advice about learning how InfluxDB and Grafana work is good.

Think about the grades you want to see and that will help determine how best to put the data in InfluxDB.

Investigating for IotaWatt, AWS, InfluxDB and Grafana – Brett Beeson

This is a bit dated, since it shows Influx 1.x queries only, but does show how to handle multiple Iotawatts and explains (at a high level and assumes you are familar with InfluxDB concepts) the tradeoffs.

Thanks for the references. Very interesting. My experience with Influx has been with Javascript/Nodered and Python, same thing but different approach. The system is now working as I wonted to be.
Thanks a million for the additional clarifications.