InfluxDB 2.0 - error Post failed 404 - SOLVED

I’ve been through the various posts and see that it should be working now, I’m fairly sure I’ve got it set up correctly in iotawatt but wasn’t sure if I needed to do anything special in the InfluxDB bucket (i.e. do I need to install something to accept the data?).

I’m hoping that someone who has it working might be willing to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


Please try adding /api/v2 to the end of yourURL.

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Thanks that did it, I had to add the port as well but now the data seems to be flowing to InfluxDB


This is the ALPHA release of influxv2 support, and I will be addressing both the URI and port issue in the next release.

Happy to see this is in progress. Trying to learn Influx and managed to miss the fact that I was using 1.8 and a feature I (at least thought I) needed was only available in 2.x.