Influxdb 2 query failed error 400

I’ve been unable to get the InfluxDB v2 data uploader to work. Stuck with HTTPcode 400.

I use iotawatt for measurement and $units for field-key. I have the tag channel set to $name. This seems to work well for me.

Error 400 means InfluxDB doesn’t like what it is seeing as the request.

There is something wrong with the request. I don’t see anything that glares out but it is probably something to do with your Bucket, Organization ID, or Authorization Token.

Your Auth token must be read/write for that bucket.

If you connect a serial monitor like Putty to the microusb port, you will get a more detailed message log that has the influx message associated with the 400. Use 115200 baud.

Are you sure you have the server URL configured correctly? For my InfluxDB v2 configuration, it is only specified as