influxDb and emonCms in the same time?


can someone tell me if iotawatt is able to send information in the same time to emonCms and influxDb?
if is possible, i need to do something special, another than to configure properly each data base to run properly?
i need to mention that i m install emoncms in an rasPI machine and influxDB in another machine.
for the moment, sending data to emoncms machine is OK, sending data to influxdb machine is stopped after first connection - 2 seconds.
can be possible to run emoncms and influxdb in same rasPI machine?

thank you !

Yes, you can configure any and all web server uploads - Emoncms, influxDB and PVoutput. They are independent. It does not matter if the servers are located on different host machines.

My home unit uploads to in the UK, PVoutput which I believe is in Australia, and influxDB which is hosted locally on a RPi. (soon to go to a Synology NAS).

To comment on your influxDB problem, I would need to see the configuration and message log.

ok Bob,
i will come with necessary data ASAP.
thank you!

hi again,

return with info !

iota_log.txt (9.7 KB)

I can see where it’s failing. influx is having a problem with your tags. I’m trying to figure out what you are trying to do.

In response to the last entry query influx is complaining:
HTTPcode 400, {"error":"error parsing query: missing parameter: units"}

I think it has something to do with your tag-set with tag-id $units. IoTaWatt does not substitute variables in the tag-id, only in the tag-value. So I would suggest you remove that tag-set or change the tag-id to not include the .

ok, i will try and report after.

hi Bob,
it was right your point; now is working.

thank you !