InfluxDB Multiple Variable Query

So I have tried to determine how to query multiple variables or CT sensors with one query using variable setup in Grafana being fed with influxDB. For whatever reason i can not get this to work and embarrassingly have tried for a couple days after work.

I was able to get the variables to show up in the drop down menu using: show tag values with key=“ct” where device=~/[[device]]/ and units=~/Watts/

I just want to avoid making multiple queries for certain groups of sensors I might often change the graph for. Anyone care to show an example of your setup on tag keys and Grafana variable query?

Grafana has an example of using variables here.

You get to the variable queries using the “dashboard settings” at the top right and then click “variables” on the left. Here is a shortcut.

This example may not be directly applicable to your schema. IoTaWatt is flexible in that you can organize your data in several different ways.

When you define the variable query, it will tell you right away if it’s invalid and if it’s valid, the values will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Then the variable name will appear in the dropdowns for the query items where they can be used.