InfluxDB port problem


I tried to setup a connection to an InfluxDB behind a proxy. It is reachable at, or equivalently However, the URL entered in the WebServer config page seems to get modified internally, because in the logs a different URL appears:
-> got changed to
-> got changed to

Would be great if these cases could be fixed. Regarding the first case, I agree that it makes sense to add the InfluxDB default port 8086 if port and path are not specified in the URL, however if a path is present (like the “/influxdb” part at the end) but no port, then preferably the URL should be left untouched. Alternatively, the port must be inserted before the path. Regarding the second case, the path should not be cut off.

Coded that up. Will be in next release.

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Thank you so much! :+1: