InfluxDB settings reconfiguration

Hi all,

From time to time I need to move an Iotawatt device to a new electric panel with a new set of inputs. When that happens I erase all the data from the device, I point it to a new influxDB database, and I define a new set of “measurements” in the Setup -> Web Servers -> InfluxDB pane.
I have a few questions regarding that process:

  • I am using
    GET iotawatt.local/command?deletelog=current
    GET iotawatt.local/command?deletelog=history
    to erase the data (and checking for a 200 status), is that the correct way?

  • I assume that the “measurements” I define in the InfluxDB pane are unrelated to the “outputs” I could define in the Setup -> Output pane?

  • What will happen if the first time it connects, the device finds that the influx measurement (next to last text box in the InfluxDB pane) exists in the InfluxDB, with records having a different set of field keys? In other terms, is there any situation where the settings entered in the InfluxDB pane could be overriden by the device as it starts the upload process? Old data on the device, hidden internal settings somewhere?

I have seen the above happen a couple times yesterday, and I am trying to understand whether that was me forgetting to click Save somewhere, or a glitch, or some built-in behavior that I am not aware of.


To properly reset use the single command “deletelog=both”.


Measurements are fully qualified by the keys associated with them. So the best insurance would be to use a unique key field for each deployment of an IoTaWatt.