InfluxDB tag key name as "name" causes service to stop

Firmware 02_04_00, InfluxDB service is working. If I create a tag set as:

name = $name

InfluxDB service stopped with error log:

HTTPcode 400, {“error”:"error parsing query: found NAME, expected identifi

If I avoid that tag set and change to something like

circuit = $name

Everything is working again. Please note that I can’t escape by double quote like "name" in tag key field since web data validation function told invalid string.

Looks like you figured this out and came up with a workaround. Thanks for posting for the benefit of others. name is an influx keyword, so right, it would need to be escaped with quotes to be used in this context and as you found, that isn’t allowed in the IoTaWatt configuration app.

Here is the influx keyword list for reference by others:

Just hit this problem too. Only found the solution after a bunch of failed trial and error by googling the exact error which brought me to this page. Any chance of adding some validation or help text to the InfluxDB configuration page and form?