Influxdb v2.0, anyone using it?

Anyone using it yet?
I am guessing the answer is, no.

It looks likes authentication is not an option, as in it is required now. It appears that tokens are required:

The IotaWatt UI does not accept a token as a password (too long and too many special characters). I really want to try out Flux, so I created a new container with Influxdb v2.0 today and I think they have made a lot of improvements to the experience, so I think this will be better.

There are some issues related to V2. That was discussed a few months ago. See this thread:

It may be time to check back in with @tim_influx to see the status of the open version that mitigates some of the V1.x incompatibilities.

I installed the v2.0.2 version this way
curl -O

It does NOT require using HTTPS when run locally. So that part is “fixed”.
It does require use of a token, which is much longer than IotaWatt allows and uses characters that it doesn’t allow.