influxDB1: Running, Last update 3/24/2022 11:22:40 PM Post failed 500

I keep getting a problem - just recently where I get this message:

influxDB1: Running, Last update 3/24/2022 11:22:40 PM
Post failed 500

I have confirmed the database exists, my home assistant service is posting to influx without incident.

I have stopped the data uploader and started it and it still shows the same wrong data? I have rebooted the iotawatt 2 x already.

Any other suggestions?



500 is internal server error. The only instance I can see of that in the influx 1 docs is retention policy doesn’t exist.

name duration shardGroupDuration replicaN default

autogen 0s 168h0m0s 1 true

It looks like the time at the end is sloooowly updating but it shouldn’t take that long I wouldn’t imagine?

I only get this when I restart the upload. Not sure if I can enable verbose logging. But in 8 minutes it had only uploaded 3 minutes worth of data?

3/28/22 08:53:30 influxDB_v1: Start posting at 03/24/22 23:20:55
3/28/22 09:01:32 influxDB_v1: Start posting at 03/24/22 23:23:40

Uploaders are slow. They run as low priority services where the processor is sampling power 67% of the time. The data has to be read from the SDcard and the WiFi is memory constrained to small transactions. Welcome to IOT.

That said, over time it should not be taking one step forward and two back. You should make headway. That’s a small sample.

Factors that slow it down are:

Poor WiFi connection
very short upload interval like 5 seconds
Many measurements
Excessively long names for the measurements.
A lot of tags.
other uploaders running.
Using a https proxy.

Assuming it eventually catches up, there should be no problem keeping current during normal operation.

Right well im not terribly well versed in influx querying - so I don’t know for a fact that anything is actually going in but I didn’t want to wait a bunch of days and find out it isnt…

If you watch the uploader status tab, you should be able to see any progress. The protocol is synchronous, so IoTaWatt checks for a valid completion from influx after each packet.

If I go to setup->data uploader at the bottom those three boxes are empty. If I select influxv1 it remains blank. How often should it update?

There should be an uploader tab in your status display. Click on it to expand.

Thats where I am getting the 500 message - over and over. I can see the tables and all

name: measurements


show queries
qid query database duration status

94 SHOW QUERIES iotawatt 108µs running

show series from attic_ac


Can you post your influx uploader setup screen please, and also your status screen?

Not sure why I doubted you. Retention policy issue. I don’t know why. I added a new one and made it the default so it appears to be uploading now. Thanks!