Initial Install Complete!

Thanks to Bob and @frogmore for the help and suggestions in getting my setup complete. I ordered the NA bundle along with a few extra CTs and here is what it all looks like with some before and after photos:

My panel in the garage:

Cover off:

I decided to put the IoTaWatt in the wall under the main panel. Added a breaker and attached receptacle to the inside of the stud:

Attached the CTs:
Hook everything up to the IoTaWatt:
Clean it up:
Install complete:

Next step … take it out for a spin. Planning on pulling the data into Home Assistant and creating some visualizations and automations from there.



Really nice and neat installation! I love the recessed box. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Bob @overeasy, I am polling the inputs and outputs using: to get the data into Home Assistant. Currently polling every 10 seconds and was wondering how often would be too often - worried about stressing the IoTaWatt. Is there a way to see CPU utilization? Not sure I want to (or need to), but what if I started polling every 5 seconds?

This is a great looking install!

Hitting status every 5 seconds should not be a problem if you have good WiFi.