Initial setup help - backwards?

I’m confused about why these graphs appear to be mirror images. These are my two feeds from the power company to a panel that only has my 240v loads. I do have a solar inverter into this panel as well so I’ve set the incoming CT’s to read a negative value if needed. The same thing happens in my other panel but since it’s all 120v loads, it’s a little different on the consumption. Is this just how they are displayed?

You need to reverse one of the CTs, since the lines are 180° out of phase.

For the 240V loads panel, you only really need one CT, since they both will read the same (if you really only have 240V loads there).

If it’s as you say with only 240 Volt loads, then yes, they are both oriented the same way when they should be opposite. You can reverse one of them logically by just checking it’s reverse box in setup. You want them both positive when consuming power and negative when exporting power.

That was easy! Just had to wait to see at night what values were negative and reverse them. Thanks!