Initial Setup issues at connect to wifi

Initial setup. I plugged in both the 5v USB and the 9v ref. Connected to iota via wifi on mobil got setup screen. Selected wifi, entered in PW, appeared to connect. The device looked to power off. I think I had a faulty usb. Replaced USB. When I power up I get a long green, red, green, green then few seconds later a red. After that it flashed red every 12 or 13 seconds. I can no longer see iotta broadcasting wifi. Not can I see it on the wifi router with an ip. I am connected via a wifi extender somewhat away from the router. I did not see any documentation on long red flashing. Possibly I connected and was updating firmware then power loss? Any thoughts?

The LED sequences that you describe are not identifiable. What was your order number?

Order 126221 march 3

You did not order a USB power supply. What did you use initially and what are you trying to use now? Can I see pictures of them showing the nameplate?

I tried 3 diff power supplies 5volt 1 amp and 5 volt 1.5 amp. Also brand new usb wire

Looks to be connecting, after that I don’t know. Please send the base unit back and I’ll check it out.

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Enclose a note with the original order number.