Input renaming and historical data


I have an Iotawatt installed for which I want to change the circuits being monitored after a few weeks, without losing historical data. I am wondering what happens to the historical data when I rename an input?

In particular I am exporting the data to InfluxDB; as I move the CTs circuits and rename the inputs - let’s assume input #1 which was “fridge” becomes “heater”, I will have a new “field-key” in the influxdb config ($name = heater).
Will the new InfluxDB “heater” field receive fridge data from the old circuit/input?
More importantly, can I ever access the fridge data again on the Iotawatt?


The IoTaWatt datalog maintains the history of each of the fifteen inputs, regardless of what they are named. At any point in time, they have a name associated with them and all of the historical data for that input goes by that name. If you change the name of an input from fridge to heater, it’s still input 1. When you access the historical data of the input, regardless of what it was or is named, you will get the data that was associated with the input at that time. The IoTaWatt doesn’t have any metadata to keep track of how an input was previously configured.

Probably not. If you are uploading 5 or 10 second intervals, then not. The fridge data has already been uploaded as fridge and the new heater values will go as heater. It won’t try to backfill history as long as there is at least one measurement configured that is up-to-date.

If you upload historical values for input#1, and the start date is before the switch, then yes it will upload all input 1 data as heater even though some of it was actually fridge data.

Yes you can, but you will need to keep track of the dates when it was fridge. You can plot the input 1 as heater for the time period when it was fridge. The data will still be fridge but will be called heater. If you want it named correctly, you can create an output called fridge that is the “heater” input. Now if you plot fridge during the time period when input1 was fridge, you will get a correctly named graph of the fridge.

Just the info I needed, thanks!