Installation in Western Australia

Hi All,
I am looking for some input from any users in Western Australia re the following:
a) How do you bring the CT leads to the front of the switchboard panel ? Would love a pics if anyone can take one.
b) How to configure the unit for a single phase residential install with Western power meter EM1000 with solar panels and a GroWatt inverter.’

c) How to connect the IoTaWatt to my router so I can access from the internet.

Thx in advance,
Cheers Peter

Could you provide a picture of your meter board ? There are lots of different arrangements across Australia and they have also changed over the years.

Yes I have a pic of the meter box but can’t see how to post it here. Can you advise me how to do that.
Well just tried to upload the image but can’t see it!

Yes it is there.

Looks like the board is housed in the typical outdoor metal meter box. I mounted a power point on the panel for the VT and power supply and mounted a weatherproof box adjacent to the meter board connected by conduit for the CT wires to enter the meter board.

You don’t have much room to mount anything extra on the board so would probably need to have power point installed next to the board or in with the new weatherproof box for the Iotawatt.

Will all have to be done by licensed electrician to ensure its safe and legal.

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