Installation question

Hi! Just found out about HEM devices because of an ad posted on facebook about Sense.

Anyways after doing few hours of research I decided to purchase iotawatt but because I live in texas the summers get to hot and i don’t think the power adapter included will survive +100f degree temps outside my home and inside an orbit box. My question is how can I wire everything from my breaker box to inside my house? Like pvc needed/sealant etc? Also the ct have only 1.5m so that might be an issue too i don’t know if i need to get them from another vendor with longer cables.

The power supply is rated to 40C, so that would be pushing it. Wiring inside solves a lot. There are CTs with very long leads available, but I recommend buying inexpensive headphone extensions.

Can I leave the iotawatt box outside seeing as it is rated for 50C and use the power supply inside my house?