Integrating IotaWatt data into InfluxDB Cloud - Alpha user


We are setting up data transfer from the Iotawatt to InfluxDB cloud (V2) using an RPi server for the purpose. Have followed all instructions and in theory the data should be uploading to our InfluxDB cloud, but for some reason we do not see it happening. Our device does not post any errors in the message log, but the following message appears on Status/Uploaders:

“Last query sent failed. HTTPcode %d405” with the string after %d… constantly changing.

Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot of the status display, your influx setup, your HTTPSproxy setup?

Thanks Bob, here you go:

Sorry, have not had time to work on this. I will put together a curl transaction to test your proxy server as soon as I can get to it.

In the meantime, your influx url is truncated, can you post the whole thing and verify that’s what is provided by influx?

If you are familiar with curl, can you try running this to see if the proxy is working. Substitute the IP address of your Rpi NGINX proxy server.

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "X-proxypass:"

you should receive back something like

“args”: {},
“headers”: {
“Accept”: “application/json”,
“Host”: “”,
“User-Agent”: “curl/7.55.1”,
“X-Amzn-Trace-Id”: “Root=1-606e6fc9-5b6f14411f4f2b0f2f2671a8”
“origin”: “”,
“url”: “

Haven’t heard back on this, so maybe you resolved? I researched the cloud URLs and you should be using