Integrator vs output?

I have so far mainly used my iota watt device to provide me with real-time information, and it has been great for that. Today I decided to do some historical analysis (trying to get some data to figure out if a battery would be worthwhile).
As I looked at the historical data, I realised that my historical import and export data wasn’t correct. When I first installed iotawatt January 2020 I’m sure I followed the instructions on how to configure import and export outputs. I now notice the section on “integrators” and I think that is what I need to configure to get the results I need. But I’m slightly confused. As I read the docs, I should get rid of the outputs I’ve configured and instead use integrators? Or is that a misunderstanding?
I’m attaching a screenshot of a daily graph and of my outputs to guide anyone in setting me right on what it is I need to do.

Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 00.46.55

Your historical data is correct, but because of the way it is stored in the datalog, you cannot apply outputs to queries of more than a day or so to things like import and export.

You can go back and plot individual days from the past and get accurate import and export numbers using custom dates in Graph+. Go back to any day in the past and you will see the individual import and export fine. You can then step through the days using the “forward full frame” image button to see subsequent days in detail.

Going forward, yes you should add an integrator to begin accumulating the integrated import and export values.