Intel NUC Wifi + Ethernet

I am reading my IotaWatt with an Intel NUC. atm, I have a Tp-Link WR841N set up as an AP (correct model #). I have yet to work out how to lock the IotaWatt IP address, but it seems consistently to come up on the same IP.
Anyway, this got me thinking: I should be able to set up my NUC as a wifi interface reading the Iotawatt directly, then the NUC is on the network via Ethernet. The NUC is running Lubuntu, current version, as well as of course being the Emoncms server. (Bit of mucking around getting Emoncms to load properly on the latest lubuntu, but by setting a pi user up on install, & installing Python2 first, it installed OK)
So, my aim is to read the Iotawatt over the wifi interface, linking the data to Emoncms, with the ethernet to connect to Emoncms for review/maintenance.
Has anyone achieved something similar? Looking for help if anyone has experience achieving a similar Linux task (such as with a rpi).
(I want to remove the TP-Link, so saving a security risk & a few watts!)

regards, Doug

So essentially you want the NUC to act as the Access point for the IOTAWatt to connect to - where it will then upload its data to Emoncms instance running on the NUC and you will hit the Ethernet Interface IP address as your access path to the NUC from the rest of the machines on the LAN ?

Maybe try to follow this tutorial


Thanks Craig. The change is in progress. I am an Ubuntu newbie (I just LOVE PCLinuxOS, which I have used for 15 years? (At least since the early days when Tex left Mandriva)
For others looking at this good idea (it should be possible on a rPi as well),
Ubuntu has a configuration manager called Snap that I am in the process of getting my (old) head around. (I had to load Snap on Lubuntu 20.04, but it is resident on other varieties.)
Hope everyone is safe from the fires in US. (We had diabolical fires in Australia some months ago, the closest to me about 15Kms, but lucky it burnt away from me)