International Distribution of Stuff

The IoTaWatt Stuff commerce site was introduced a couple of months ago here in North America. While the basic unit is the same unit sold in Europe, the US model has US and Canada product safety certification (ETL) and is available with a selection of echun CTs that are better matched to the unique requirements of North American electrical usage. North American customers seem satisfied with the quality of the product and economical fast delivery (typically < $10 and 2 days).

However, looking at the analytics from the site, there seems to be worldwide interest. About half of the visits are international, and there have been a lot of abandoned shopping carts, presumably because shipping is not provided outside North America.

I’ve been looking at postal rates, and while relatively slow, a typicalk unit with CTs can be shipped virtually anywhere for about $33 US (<= 3 lbs). The other problem with servicing these international interests is sourcing and stocking the array of power supplies and AC adapters to accommodate the higher voltages and local plug variations. Here’s what I intend to offer:

The CUI USB adapter that I use here in the US, with a US two blade plug, is universal voltage. It operates from 90~264 Volts, 50-60HZ. It is identical to all of the other CUI offerings with similar form factor and various international plugs. All you need is a universal plug adapter to mate it to any local power system.

The AC adapter is a little trickier. While I think a single 230V AC adapter could work in both the US and internationally, there are other efficiency requirements in force in the USA that require a different adapter. That said, the 230-240V world can all use the same transformer, provided they once again adapt the plug to their power system.

Another thing I have heard from users in the 230V world is that unlike North America where virtually all wall plugs are duplex, many times there is only one receptacle available where two are needed for both the USB supply and the AC reference. This is a common complaint about the way IoTaWatt (and some others) work.

So my approach will be to provide the US plugged USB adapter and a Euro plugged 230V AC adapter to all international customers. What will be needed locally is a universal outlet power strip with at least two receptacles and having a plug that matches the local standard. These are readily available commodities throughout the world.

With this simplification, it might also be possible to offer a base kit through an outlet like Amazon, where shipping costs and delays can be minimized via bulk provisioning of their fulfillment stock.

That’s where I’m headed. So if you’re one of the international folks kicking the tires on the stuff site, it will be a month or so before I get the AC adapters, but hold tight, relief is on the way.


I would love to get a hold of this in australia, but can only go thru openenergymonitor, which is fine but USD conversion works out a bit better.

Can I suggest an option to not supply any power supplies? We can get a hold of 240V to 9Vac adaptors locally for around $19AUD and 5V Micro USB supplies for a bit less.

I would be happy just with an option to send the Iotawatt just packaged with no accessories other than the SD card.

Love the product and will be purchasing very soon!

Let me see how I could do that and still make sure nobody thinks they are getting a plug-and-play solution. I’d also like to get one of those local AC adapters to test and add to the tables.

It probably makes sense to get the AC adapter locally anyway because those things weigh a pound or more and so add more than $11 US to the postage, so may actually be cheaper there all told. The USB adapter would work fine with a AUS-US plug adapter.

I’ll try to float a trial balloon next week.

Sounds Good, i’ll keep an eye out for any anouncement. This would be the local 9V ac adaptor I would source:

and if the plug was the wrong size, easy to replace.


It is the right size.

even better…

Happy to help out if you want one sent over at some stage.

I’ve activated shipping to Australia, New Zealand, and about a dozen European Countries. All use USPS shipping options. Typical shipping is about $23US for <= 2lbs, and $34 for <= 3 lbs. Service is advertised as 1-3 weeks. There are express options available.

As previously posted, I’ve ordered a supply of 230V AC reference transformers with Euro-plugs. They should be available toward the end of December. In the meantime, this availability requires that you source your own 9VAC adapter. The post above references a commodity unit available locally in Australia. As soon as someone sends me one to test, I’ll add it to the standard menu tables.

The USB adapter sold here is US plug but is universal voltage and can be used in 230V countries with a US plug adapter. When the 230V adapters arrive, I’ll be offering an international package with that USB power supply, a 230V AC adapter, the base IoTaWatt, a 100Amp CT.