IoTa Watt set up

Since receiving this equipment I have been unsuccessful in installing it.

Every time I get the time to do and try it out it seems to accept a new Network but once I log on to the device it becomes invisible and I cant see it with my Tablet, Phonr or Laptop.

The screen below is as far as I get then the IoTaWatt becomes invisible on the network.

I have to connect on a new network before I can attempt a reconfiguration attempt. Then same occurs again.

Is there anything I am doing wrong. I have never been able to reach the Configuration page.

Sorry to see you’re having trouble. This is the hardest part of using the IoTaWatt. It’s a catch-22, you need WiFi to configure WiFi. We should be able to work through it.

First, I don’t see the screen you referenced. There may have been an issue with it being your first post. I’ve upped your trust level.

It sounds like you are not connecting at all, but show me the screen and we’ll take it from there.

hi again…sorry for late reply…the screenshot i sent was effectively the stage i got to

OK, you’re not connected yet. Depending on whether you have previously succeeded in connecting to another network, the IoTaWatt will maintain this dialog for three minutes (previously connected) and indefinitely (never connected). So let’s go with the three minute window to be safe.

Start the IoTaWatt, logon to the AP, and then press configure WiFi. If you get no response from that, try it again and press configure (No Scan). That should bring up a menu that allows you to enter both your SSID and the pass key.

If that doesn’t work, try to capture any menus you get and record the three flash sequence on the LED.