Iotawatt and EmonPi

I have both a IotaWatt and EmonPi. I would like to view everything on one screen instead of logging in to Emoncms on 2 separate accounts. Is it possible?

Thank you

You can upload your IoTaWatt data to the Emonpi and view it all through their visualization tools.

edit: Maybe I misunderstood your question. If you have established two different accounts on the pi and send the IoTaWatt data to one and store the Emonpi monitoring data and/or emontx etc data in another, you can send the IoTaWatt data to emonpi data account simply using a unique node name.

Use the write key from that account and a nodename that is unique in that account.

I have 2 accounts in Ecomcms. I would like to go to 1 webpage and view all the data including the temperature. I read the link but do not see how to set it up. This might be possible but I have limited coding skills. If I purchased another Itowatt unit is possible to view 28 inputs? Do you have a step by step guide? Thank you

You only need one account in Emoncms. If you send all of the data to that account, you can view all of the contributing nodes on one webpage and build a dashboard to display any and all of that data.

That link is a step by step guide for sending IoTaWatt data to Emoncms. Yes it is possible to send the data from multiple IoTaWatt to one Emoncms account using unique node names. Unfortunately, the details of how to use Emoncms are not part of the IoTaWatt documentation. You would need to study up on that at the OEM website and possibly get help on their forum.