IotaWatt broken?


I’ve just realize my iotawatt stop to send data to my EmonCMS app since a few days.
I’ve tried to go to the web interface but I’ve no acces to menus.

They are correctly displayed but when I click on a menu, nothing append.

If I go directly to @IP/edit , I’ve acces to the log and file system.

reboot did not resolve the problem.

Any idea about this problem ?

thanks in advance,

Here are the log from one day before iotawatt send datas.

logs.txt (129.1 KB)

Thank you


Hello Juju,

I suspect your SDcard is failing. The current log has already been deleted and recreated.

I would recommend you get an 8GB MicroSD SDHC level 10 card and replace it.

Try to copy what you can from the old card. Only the files in the root directory are needed, but if you can copy the files in the /iotawatt directory, you may be able to save your history log.

Your unit is very old. I have been seeing a few SDcard failures on vintage units > 3 years in service. In Sept 2021 with release 02_06_06, low-write changes were introduced and I expect cards to last much longer. In your case however, there was significant wear for three years and it’s probably causing your trouble.

I’ll be putting out a service bulletin soon recommending that older cards be replaced. If they are replaced before failure, it’s just a few minutes to copy the card and restart.

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Hello overeasy,

Yes my Iotawatt is really vintage :wink:

Changing the sd card as giving me access to webUI.

But now, all my inputs are at 0.
Did I miss something in sd config ?


I don’t know. Please post status with all tabs expanded, message log, and inputs setup.

Here are the captures :

logs.txt (9.8 KB)

Thanks for your help !